Dr Nathalie Michel - Psychosocial Stress in a Nutritional Public Health Perspective

Nathalie Michels is a young postdoctoral researcher at the department of Public Health at Gent University.

With her background in biomedical medicine, option nutrition, she is interested in the link between psychosocial and physiological factors.

Within the unit Nutrition, she has implemented her PhD in 2009-2013 on the longitudinal stress-obesity relation in children and underlying nutritional and physiological pathways. As a result, she has expertise in questionnaires, anthropometry and biomarkers e.g. salivary cortisol and heart rate variability.

During her postdoc, she will continue exploring this stress-obesity relation by studying the role of chronic inflammation, tryptophan and gut microbiota. Apart from this, she is involved in other national and European projects on hydration, nutrition, obesity, cardiovascular health, inflammation, hormonal factors, well-being, depression, emotion regulation, physical fitness, and sleep.

She has 21 first-author A1 publications and 28 co-authorships; is co-promotor of 3 on-going PhD projects; received 2 best-PhD awards and several other grants/awards and has given over 20 oral congress presentations.

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