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E.g., 19 Dec 2018
8 Dec 2010

Evidence suggests that inequality in children’s health is determined by socio-economic and lifestyle factors, with significant influences from micro-ecosystems such as family units. From a developmental health and life-course perspective the child’s health up to 5 years of age is crucial for adult and intergenerational consequences. This analysis examines the relationship of familial socio-demographic and behavioural factors with mother-reported health status (MRH) of their children aged 5-ye...

1 Sep 2009


The predicted burden of cardiovascular diseases in the future is dependent on an understanding of emerging obesity patterns and diabetes mellitus.  Early life influences are known to be influential but the mechanisms are not fully understood and patterns if cross-generation transmission may be genetically modified or through a number of candidate environmental exposures including diet.


The lifeways cross-generation cohort study was established in 2001 and...

17 Jun 2009

The prevalence of overweight and obesity in young children cannot be fully explained by current diet and activity patterns. A life-course perspective, including pre- and postnatal familial characteristics, may provide a greater understanding of the current trends. The Lifeways Cross-Generation Study is a prospective cohort study of Irish children, their parents and grandparents. Pregnant mothers were recruited at their first antenatal visit in 2001 resulting in 1094 infants. At school entry a...

20 Mar 2009

Childhood immunizations in Ireland are voluntary and free of charge, but uptake is lower than World Health Organisation recommendations.  This study examined the factors associated with partial and no primary immunizations and MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella) vaccine.  The Lifeways cohort study recruited 1,124 pregnant women in Dublin and Galway in 2001–02, and their children have been followed up until 2007. 70% of singletons were matched to Health Service Executive immunization records (n...

11 Mar 2009


 Maternal nutrition during pregnancy and the balance of nutrients supplied to the rowing fetus is widely accepted as fundamental to infant development and programming of cardiovascular disease in later life. Debate still continues over which nutrients are key to these processes and what their importance is relative to other accepted risk factors. We assessed the hypothesis that key nutrients are associated with lower infant birth weight while adjusting for other health an...

10 Oct 2008


There is now considerable evidence from several data sources, including the National Surveys of Lifestyles, Attitudes and Nutrition, that dietary patterns vary according to social position in the Republic of Ireland and those individuals in situations of social disadvantage experience barriers to consuming a healthy diet according to recommended guidelines. Obesity is a major impending public health problem related in part to social position that requires concerted inter-secto...

27 May 2008



The objective of this study was to explore the association between occupational factors and pregnancy outcomes in a prospective cohort of Irish pregnant women.


This study has a prospective design.


The Lifeways cohort included 1124 pregnant women, 676 of whom delivered a single baby, and were working at their first prenatal care visit when they filled in a self-administered questionnaire.




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