Optimal Obesity Measurements to Determine Cardiometabolic Risk

27 Nov 2014

Researchers for UCC studying “Oprimal Central Obesity Measurement Site for Assessing Cardiometabolic and type 2 Diabetes Risk in Middle-Aged Adults” (Millar SR, 2014) has revealed that the WHO recommended Waist Circumfremce (WC) mesurement for central obersity assessment; which is between the lowest rib and the illiac crest, is not the best method.

After carrying out a crosssectional study of men and women aged between 50 and 69 the researchers discovered a better and easier method for measuring obesity to determing cardiometabolic risk  is to measure just below the lowest rib.

They say in paper that this method strongest assocaitions for a list of cardiometabolic risk factors including insulin resistance, imapired fasting glucose and type 2 diabetes.

These findings were presented at the 10th National Conference of the Primary Care Diabetes Society held in Birmimgham November 2014

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