HRB invests €1.4 million in research leaders in health

5 May 2016

The Health Research Board has appointed four new Research Leaders in the areas of suicide prevention, safe prescribing, dementia care and team leadership in the health services.

The awards are designed to build capacity in areas of strategic importance for health delivery in Ireland. They will ensure senior people have dedicated time to generate relevant evidence to inform decision-making in these key areas.

According to Graham Love, Chief Executive of the Health Research Board, ‘These awards are designed to address knowledge gaps in our health service. If you want to turn good services into brilliant ones, then research will give you that edge’.

These awards were expressly created to bring together some of our best researchers and those actually responsible for delivering care services. They will advance evidence-informed decision-making in our healthcare services. Along with the four HRB Research Leader posts, these grants will support more than 15 research personnel to underpin the various work programmes. Additionally the HRB Research Leaders will act as role models and mentors to help build a ‘critical mass’ of people with the specialist skills required to conduct population health and health services research, and apply their findings into policy and practice.

HRB Research Leader Prof Ella Arensman, University College Cork and the National Suicide Research Foundation

Project Title: Individual and Area Level Determinants of Self-Harm and Suicide in Ireland: Enhancing Prediction, Risk Assessment and Management of Self-Harm by Health Services

Award amount €1.4 million over five years

Synopsis: This programme will improve the care provided in Irish hospitals for people who engage in self-harm, with the ultimate goal to reduce repeated self-harm and suicide nationally. It will examine predictive factors associated with increased risk of self-harm and suicide and implement a pulse system of early identification of emerging suicide and self-harm.  A full lay summary of the project can be found in the Notes for Editors section.

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