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E.g., 22 Jan 2019
E.g., 22 Jan 2019

Fuzzy thinking on fizzy drinks?

Sir, – Prof Mike Gibney decries fuzzy thinking on the proposed tax on sugar-sweetened drinks (“Tax on fizzy drinks will not deflate obesity problem”, Opinion & Analysis, May 24th). While acknowledging that national and international expert opinion is supportive of the sugar drink tax, he suggests that only nutritional scientists have the requisite expertise to adjudicate on this issue. He argues that sugar-sweetened drinks do not contribute significantly to calorie intakes in adults, that...

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HRB invests €1.4 million in research leaders in health

The Health Research Board has appointed four new Research Leaders in the areas of suicide prevention, safe prescribing, dementia care and team leadership in the health services.

The awards are designed to build capacity in areas of strategic importance for health delivery in Ireland. They will ensure senior people have dedicated time to generate relevant evidence to inform decision-making in these key areas.

According to Graham Love, Chief Executive of the Health Research Board,...

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MSc in Occupational Health becomes IOSH Accredited

The MSc in Occupational Health is a long established multidisciplinary programme run by the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health under the direction of Dr Birgit Greiner. This course is unique in Ireland and provides a modern approach to work and health by integrating ‘classical’ health and safety topics (for example risk assessment and management, occupational hygiene, ergonomics) with contemporary topics, such as psychology, training and development and law. It is taught from a popu...

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Sugar tax will help us battle obesity epidemic

There is a compelling case for Ireland to follow the UK and introduce a tax on sugar-sweetened drinks, says Professor Ivan Perry, of UCC’s Department of Epidemiology & Public Health

SUGAR, rum, and tobacco are commodities which are nowhere necessaries of life, which are become objects of almost universal consumption, and which are therefore extremely proper subjects of taxation.”
So wrote Adam Smith in his 1776 Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations....

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Where you live could save your life, says new study

The figures suggest up to 1,000 lives a year could be saved if every county had the same outcomes as Dublin.

The Study of the Impact of Reconfiguration on Emergency and Urgent Care Networks uses data on 16 serious conditions that require emergency treatment, such as heart attack and stroke.

It’s based on CSO data on deaths from emergency conditions from 2010-12 with data on the number of emergency cases as detailed by the Hospital In-Patient Enquiry database.

It estimates...

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Epi news issue 7

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to this issue of EPINews. Another summer has come and gone and colleagues here in the Department are settling back into their routines after another eventful season. Milan was the hotspot this year as three of our PhD scholars visited the Italian city to present their research. Ms Sarah Fitzgerald travelled in June to present her work on absenteeism in the workplace at the International Health Economics Association Congress while Ms Marsha Treacy and Ms Shelly...

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All-Island Obesity Newsletter September 2015

IPH to lead study on the lifetime costs of childhood obesity as part of European Joint Action

The EU Joint Action on Nutrition and Physical Activity (JANPA) will launch in Luxemburg this September.  The overall objective of the project is to contribute to halting the rise in overweight and obesity in children and adolescents by 2020 in the EU, within the global frame of the ‘EU Action plan on childhood obesity 2014-2020’, and in close link with the ‘European action plan for a nutrition...

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EPINews Issue 6

Dear Colleagues,
Welcome to this edition of EPINews. Once again, this issue is packed full with news, events and research updates from within the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health. As usual this summer has been hectic, with many colleagues travelling across the island and further afield to present their research at various seminars and conferences. The Department was well represented at the Health Services Research Network conference held earlier this month where they hosted...

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HRB Centre for Health and Diet Research Open Access Statement 2015

This document records the HRB’s Centre for Health and Diet Research (HRB CHDR) commitment to an Open Access policy and outlines how it implements that policy.

HRB Centre for Health and Diet Research

The HRB Centre for Health and Diet Research is a leading research hub in public health nutrition that focuses on promoting the health and wellbeing of the Irish population.  Its purpose is to inform public policy, health promotion, clinical practice and citizens on the prevention and...

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All-Island Obesity Newsletter April 2015

The HSE have awarded a 5 year National Contract for Vending following an in-depth tendering process. It is a dual award contract and patients, staff and visitors to healthcare facilities will start to see the new vending machines in some of our larger hospitals from the beginning of April. National roll out will be on a phased basis. The implementation of the HSE Healthy Vending Policy is by means of this national contract. The policy mandates the provision of a minimum of 60% Better Choice/h...

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