Upcoming Seminar "The use and abuse of p-values" Dr. Darren Dahly

The use and abuse of p-values

Statisticians, philosophers, and other scientists have been arguing about p-values for over a century. This debate has recently intensified, largely due to concerns about research waste, a so-called replication crisis in psychology, and evidence that many researchers don’t understand what p-values are. The use of p-values has become so contentious in some circles that a well-known journal in psychology completely banned them from their publication. This in turn led to a position statement from the American Statistical Association aimed at clarifying once and for all what a p-value is, and perhaps more importantly, what it isn’t.  This talk will provide background to the ongoing debate about p-values and other forms of statistical inference; highlight the key points from the ASA position statement and responses to it; and most importantly, help applied researchers identify and avoid common misconceptions about p-values.


Wednesday 29th June


Venue: Room 4.05

Western Gateway Building

Presented by Dr. Darren Dahly,

Principal Statistician and Senior Lecturer, Clinical Research Facility Cork, Department of Epidemiology and Public Health

University College Cork


All are welcome

Organisers: Brenda Lynch & Prof. Patricia Kearney

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