New Podcast - Knowledge 4 Health Conference 2016

CHDR PhD scholar Shelly Chakraborty and blog editor Barrie Tyner took the early train to Dublin on the 24th of May to take part in the Knowledge 4 Health conference hosted by the Institute of Public Health 2016.

The event was a lively affair, attracting speakers from the four corners of Ireland who shared their experiences, knowledge and vision for the democratisation of health information.

Key theme of the event was how open access, technology and joined-up thinking all converge with the aim to make vital information, needed to make sound decisions on health, available to policymakers and perhaps even more importantly to citizens of this island. It is believed that only then can the big changes in health outcomes be achieved.

Key concepts were the knowledge user and integrated knowledge translation, that is involving the public and the knowledge users in all stages of a research project (from conception to dissemination). Music to a public health practitioners ears!

During the break in talks, Shelly and I visited the exhibition hall to speak with some of the researchers presenting their work and asked them to share their findings with us. The result of these conversations is a short podcast.

This is our first podcast so it is a bit choppy, but we are happy to broadcast it and hopefully we will improve as we go – plan–do–study–act cycle is in practice! There is some great information on research that is being produced. My favourite is Shelly (of course) and also Professor Mary McCarran.

We hope you enjoy listening to it. Feel free to add to the conversation with a comment or suggestion and also please check back for more podcasts


Show notes:

Ms Kathy Ann Fox’s study:
Alcohol Action Ireland:
Alcohol Bill:
Ms Shelly Chakraborty:
Community Profile app:
IPH Community Profile website:
Prof Mary McCarran:
Audio from the Knowledge 4 Health conference 2016: (recommend listening to Eddie Rooney for an inspirational talk on the state of public health)



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